Design program for Nordic Balancing Model

The prerequisites for efficient balancing of the Nordic power system are currently changing as we gradually move towards a green, integrated and harmonized European power market.

In order to ensure an efficient and secure balancing scheme compliant with the European network codes the Nordic region must update and adapt the balancing market design, develop methods and operational processes as well as related IT systems. The time plan is fairly demanding and stipulated by the context in terms of political ambitions and legislated implementation frameworks.

3 areas in focus
There are mainly 3 highly interrelated areas of work that the Nordic TSOs must actively work with in parallel:

  • The common and local IT platforms and tools that shall enable the implementation of the new balancing model
  • The general design of the operational processes and the balancing market
  • The legal framework in terms of operational agreements and methodology proposals required by the European network codes

The overarching purpose of this program is to develop the design of the operational processes, associated operational methodologies and the balancing market.

The delivery will be provided as a series of deliveries from projects within the program. Further, it is the purpose of the program to efficiently and timely serve the related IT development as well as legal framework with necessary analyses, design material and methodologies. In order to do so, the program plan will be adjusted accordingly, hence follow a logic that most efficiently serves all three interrelated areas of work listed above.