Participating TSOs

Nordic Balancing Model

Balancing production and consumption of electricity is essential in order to uphold the power​ system and deliver electricity to all consumers. Nordic power grids are coupled and Nordics have a long history of cooperation for ​balancing. The Nordic power system is transforming with more unregulated production like wind and solar and increased cross-border exchange.

Markets get a finer granularity and more trade is taking place closer to the operational hour. To meet these changes, the Nordic TSOs are developing the Nordic balancing of tomorrow in the​ joint program Nordic Balancing Model (NBM).

Through automation and new markets, we will facilitate the energy transition, enhance the socioeconomic benefits from our common Nordic market and have a safe connection to the new European platforms for exchange of balancing power. The implementation of NBM depends upon close cooperation with stakeholders and approvals by national regulatory authorities (NRAs).​

This short film gives you an explanation about the significant change.​​​​​​​