We are moving towards a green, integrated and harmonised European power market. This calls for a new model for balancing the Nordic power system. To achieve this, the Nordic TSOs have established the Nordic Balancing Model cooperation. Our new Nordic balancing model will ensure an efficient security of supply and secure a balancing scheme compliant with the European network codes. The NBM Roadmap is our high-level plan for the program, illustrating thspecific building blocks of the new balancing model.

The Roadmap presents key milestones for each building block. Progress in line with the Roadmap is monitored and reported to stakeholders. 

The NBM roadmap will be updated as result of the new go-live date of Nordic mFRR EAM, including the Nordic TSOs’ connection to MARI and PICASSO. 15-minute MTU in energy markets (intraday and day ahead) is part of the reassessment that forms the updated roadmap.