Successful go-live of Finnish aFRR capacity market on new platform

As of 18 January, Finnish balancing service providers (BSPs) can submit bids to Fingrid on the new platform for automatic frequency restoration reserve (aFRR) capacity. Finland is the second Nordic country to implement this solution.  

The goal of this go-live was to improve the opportunities for BSPs and ensure a smooth transition from the existing national markets to the future common Nordic  aFRR capacity market. The new IT platform has been developed to support the complete auction process where BSPs submit bids to the market platform and a combination of bids is chosen. 

With the introduction of a common Nordic market platform in the Finnish aFRR capacity market, changes were made to the aFRR capacity market rules, including: 

  • The minimum bid size was reduced from 5 MW to 1 MW
  • Marginal pricing was introduced
  • Trading for the next day takes place before the day-ahead market in the electricity market.

The new IT platform now runs the two national aFRR capacity markets in Norway and Finland. Sweden will also implement a national market before all the Nordic TSOs eventually switch to a common Nordic market. 


You'll find the trading results of the Finnish and Norwegian aFRR capacity markets here: Data View (