Workshop on MARI implementation

MARI is the TSOs’ project for establishing the European mFRR energy activation-Platform. Together with the European aFRR-platform, PICASSO, the platform will enhance the efficiency of balancing in Europe and integrate balancing energy markets, promoting the possibilities for exchanging mFRR and aFRR balancing energy while contributing to operational security. The TSO projects within NBM program - common Nordic mFRR energy activation platform and 15 min ISP – is preparation for Nordic TSOs to join the MARI platform.

On the 18 of December 2020 the MARI project, in collaboration with ENTSO-E, is organizing a public online workshop. In this workshop the project aims to share to stakeholders the details of characteristics of mFRR bids, the optimization constraints included in the activation optimization function (“AOF”) of the mFRR-Platform, including considerations on cross-border marginal prices.

The MARI project will also inform the stakeholders of the updated accession roadmap for the mFRR-Platform, published on the ENTSO-E website on 13 November 2020.

This public workshop follows up on previous stakeholder workshops (4 Sept. 2017, 5 Oct. 2017, 20-21 June 2018, 18 October 2018, 13 July 2020) and other public consultations and stakeholder meetings.

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