Update to the NBM roadmap

The NBM roadmap is updated

  • We’ve already passed go-live of the Single Price Model and national go-live of the aFRR capacity market in Norway, according to the roadmap. 
  • The next step is the national go-live of aFRR CM in Finland on 18 January. The go-live date in Sweden will be announced in early 2022.  
  • Nordic aFRR CM is postponed until Q4 2022 at the earliest. Go-live is linked to the delayed implementation of the flow-based method for capacity calculation.
  • The Nordic accession to the European mFRR Energy Activation Market (MARI) is under evaluation in the derogation process as TSOs have applied for derogation  from the Nordic regulators.  The TSOs estimate that the go-live will take place in Q4 2023 at the earliest.  

 Stay updated on progress and any changes to the NBM roadmap at the NBM and TSOs websites.