The automated operation of the Nordic mFRR energy activation market will be postponed beyond 22 May 2023

As previously communicated, automated operation of the mFRR energy activation market will be postponed. Results from the TSO assessments show that local development and implementation in Statnett and Svenska kraftnät will take more time, meaning that the go-live will be postponed beyond 22 May 2023. 

From the very start, we have acknowledged that automating the balancing process is complex, and that moving from a conceptual description towards actual solutions and new processes would involve a high degree of innovation and the use of new technologies in IT development”, says Alexander Jansson, NBM program director.   

The delay in the mFRR energy activation market (mFRR EAM) will affect the NBM roadmap. The TSOs are currently evaluating the go-live date for mFRR EAM and its consequences for the 15-minute intraday market. The TSOs have decided to proceed with the 15-minute resolution in the imbalance calculation system according to the original go-live date of 15-minute ISP, i.e. 22 May 2023.   

In all countries, the imbalance price will be the same in all four quarters of an hour until actual 15-minute prices are available. Actual prices will be a result of the go-live of mFRR EAM. The 15-minute ISP commissioning plan published by the joint Nordic imbalance settlement company eSett will be updated accordingly. 

The Nordic TSOs are expecting to communicate a revised plan for the go-live of the mFRR EAM in March. In this plan, we will also clarify the changes to be implemented in the imbalance calculation system. We aim for dedicated webinars in addition to already planned stakeholder reference group meetings.