Is a possible scenario that the TSO's implement the single price regime before moving into 15 minutes timeresolution? 

 Yes, this is described further in the NBM roadmap report section 3.3.

When we have moved to a single price model, will producers still be obliged to send production plans to the TSO? 

Yes. Production plans are still needed for operational reasons, for example to create imbalance forecast and to handle congestion management. However, when the single model is implemented, productions plans are not anymore components of the imbalance settlement.

Is it possible to give us some calculation examples that demonstrate the change between the present imbalance practice, and the forthcoming single price regime?

Yes. Example calculations of single price regime can be made by the TSOs. These could be presented for example in the context of NBM stakeholder reference group meetings and national stakeholder events.

What are the barriers to implementing the single price model before moving to 15 min ISP? We believe the single price model could be implemented immediately. 

The “barrier” is potential large power fluctuations coursed by over-reactions from market participants. The potential economical up-side for market participants, by helping the system, could be so large that it will create a large over-reaction. Especially in a setup with hourly resolution, this “downside” of the one price model could be a severe issue, that has stronger weight than the up-side. In a 15 min ISP this downside is expected to be significantly less.

Will the Nordics implement the single price model simultaneously or will there be a gradual introduction in some bidding zones? 

The Nordic TSOs plan is to implement single price model simultanously. A gradual implementation is considered infeasible from a technical point of view as we have a common settlement (eSett).