Imbalance pricing and settlement in the Nordics going forward – introduction to the steps ahead (updated)

With the future development of connecting to the MARI and PICASSO platforms, also follows changes to FRR products, product pricing and imbalance settlement. As a follow up to the Stakeholder Reference Group meeting held in June 2022, additional material regarding imbalance pricing and settlement in the Nordics going forward is now being shared with stakeholders.

The purpose of this material is to provide stakeholders with a better understanding of key market design elements to be discussed and the option space going forward.

The Nordic TSOs will continue to work on these topics in the near future and the topic will be on the agenda for the next Stakeholder Reference Group meeting during the autumn 2022.


*The presentation has been updated to reflect revised information with regards to satisfied demand. Please see slide 18 and 25.

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Link to presentation:

Imbalance pricing options forward_Presentation for stakeholders_July 2022_UPDATED


Erica Arberg, Energinet

Cecilie Seem, Statnett

Fredrik Wik, Svenska kraftnät

Mia Immonen, Svenska kraftnät

Heikki Raatikainen, Fingrid

Elina Kauppinen, Fingrid