Planned go-live for the Norwegian mFRR capacity market moved to Q1’24

Planned go-live for the Norwegian mFRR capacity market moved to Q1'24

The go-live of the Norwegian mFRR capacity market is moved from 10 December 2023, to the first quarter of 2024. The existing Norwegian capacity market for RKOM will continue as before until the mFRR capacity market starts.

Norwegian conditions add increased complexity

This fall, extensive testing was carried out in preparation for the mFRR capacity market in Norway. Successful tests were conducted together with stakeholders in week 45, demonstrating that all processes, procedures, and integrations between the relevant IT-systems work as intended. However, the latest testing did unfortunately show that in some cases, the runtime for the algorithm itself is too long. This has been found to be related to the Norwegian mFRR capacity market having more stakeholders, more complex bids, and more internal transfer limits between bidding areas than in the other Nordic countries. This adds higher complexity and causes the algorithm to take too long in certain situations.

Go-live is moved to Q1'24

The same algorithm is used to clear all established Nordic FRR capacity markets (common Nordic aFRR, Danish mFRR, Swedish mFRR). It is therefore crucial to conduct a thorough analysis to have the best possible control before introducing another market into the existing solution. Statnett and the Nordic steering committee have therefore decided to take some more time to improve the algorithm's runtime and move the go-live of the Norwegian mFRR capacity market to Q1'24. We will publish the exact new go-live date in Q1'24, during this December.

The delay does not affect the rest of the NBM-program

A capacity market for mFRR is important to ensure adequate balancing reserves. However, it is important to emphasize that this delay will not affect the planned go-live for automated balancing (mFRR EAM).

Nordic mFRR capacity market

A capacity market is an essential tool for the TSO to secure sufficient amount of balancing reserves. Read more about why we are establishing a Nordic mFRR capacity market.