Invitation to webinar on “Results from shadow operation of mFRR EAM” 15 June 13:30-14:30 CET

Welcome to a webinar on mFRR Energy Activation Market where preliminary results from the shadow operation of the new automated mFRR balancing markets will be presented

mFRR EAM is a fundamental change in how we will balance the Nordic power system, and many new systems shall be implemented and interconnected.

To build trust in these systems, many of the systems are already in operation – although not yet in real control of the power system. We call this shadow operation – where the new systems run in parallel with the actual operation and we can observe and compare the response.

In this webinar we will share some insight from the shadow operation with you . Hopefully this will enable you to better grasp the upcoming changes and be better prepared.

It's important to emphasize that shadow operation will still continue to run towards go-live of mFRR EAM, so this shouldn't be considered as a conclusive presentation in any way.

We will start the meeting with a short status update on the overall project timeline.


Fingrid, Energinet, Svenska kraftnät and Statnett

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