NBM roadmap – assessing the results of new flow-based time plan

The Nordic TSOs are analyzing the effects on the NBM program coming from the new time plan for implementation of flow-based capacity calculation in the Nordic countries.

Due to the dependency between the Nordic mFRR EAM and the implementation of flow-based, as well as speed of development for the local development of Svenska Kraftnät and Statnett, the go-live of the Nordic mFRR EAM will be delayed. This will in turn result in a possible delayed accession to MARI, and potentially to PICASSO.

TSOs are still in investigation phase, looking at all possible measure on how to increase speed of development, as well as decrease scope for the local mFRR EAM development. This with the overall aim to limit the impact on the overall NBM timeline as much as possible.

The order of milestones and dependencies within the program remain. This also means flow-based as a necessity for a successful go-live of the Nordic mFRR EAM. Any attempt to decouple the two processes would result in increased scope for the mFRR EAM development, and thus delay the go-live further.

Setting a new go-live date for the Nordic mFRR EAM is an important first step in the continued work. We expect to set a new target date for the go-live by Q1'23. In addition to this, the clear aim is also to make necessary updates on the overall roadmap including the accession to MARI and PICASSO. We will include stakeholder in necessary dialogue moving forward.


Contact at TSOs:

Svenska kraftnät: Malin Wester

Energinet: Kristine Bock

Fingrid: Karri Mäkelä

Statnett: Elisabet Østreng