Presentation from Stakeholder Seminar, November 7, 2018 in Stockholm

The Stakeholder Seminar held in Stockholm on November 7, 2018 provided presentations of the cooperation and roadmap of the project as well as more detailed information on the proposed market and digital initiatives.

On the agenda were the following items:

  • The Nordic balancing cooperation and the roadmap
  • The new Nordic Balancing Model:
    • From frequency regulation to mACE
    • aFRR and mFRR capacity markets
    • aFRR and mFRR activation markets and links to European platforms
    • 15 min imbalance settlement period
    • Plan for involvement of stakeholders
    • Presentation from National Regulatory Agency representative
  • Panel discussion with stakeholders and NBSC member:
    • How will the market participants be affected and how should stakeholders be involved in the development?