Stakeholder reference meeting in Helsinki September 11th

The second stakeholder reference group meeting was held In Helsinki September 11th. We would really like to thank everyone who participated at the meeting, including the speakers who held the presentations!

Topics and comments
Result and analysis of the NBM roadmap consultation was one of the main topics at the meeting. The main focus of the feedback from the stakeholders is that the roadmap has to be more detailed and reasons behind decisions needs to be explained in a transparent way. A wish from the stakeholders is also that the NRA and TSO cooperation is communicated to the stakeholders.

The single price model is a topic that is of interest for all of the stakeholders. The clear feedback from stakeholders is that this should be implemented sooner rather than later. There will be more discussions about this at our next meeting. The analyses that are made by the TSOs will also be presented then.

There was also a presentation about the automatization of the European and Nordic balancing markets. The TSOs would like a stepwise approach both to secure a safe transition but also in order not to jeopardize the benefits from the integrated Nordic balancing market. The current theory is that the Nordic solution will also serve as a backup solution should there be issues with the European platforms.

Please see the presentations here

Next meeting
Next meeting will be held in November and the venue for the meeting is Oslo. We’ll get back with more information as soon as possible.