Successful go-live of mFRR capacity market in Sweden

Successful go-live of mFRR capacity market in Sweden

Swedish TSO “Svenska kraftnät” launched on 17 October a national capacity market for manual Frequency Restoration Reserves (mFRR). Trading has been successful during the initial days, and the capacity market is expected to provide more stakeholders with the opportunity to contribute to the balancing of the energysystem. 

The purpose of the national capacity market for mFRR is to ensure an adequate supply of regulation offers during the operational phase by guaranteeing a certain supply volume already the day before the operational day. 

- The go-live of the Swedish market means that we increase the utilization of the already developed platform, that currently is operated for clearing the Danish national market. It's good to see the efficient and flexible use of the platform for these national purposes, explains NBM program director Alexander Jansson. 

A significant step toward a new Nordic Balancing Model 

Norway is the next Nordic country that is going live with their national markets, still aiming for go-live in the end of 2023. The national capacity markets are an important step towards the long-term goal of establishing a common Nordic mFRR capacity market that aligns with a Nordic energy activation market for mFRR.  

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