The Nordic aFRR capacity market proceeds with go-live as planned on 7 December 2022

The Nordic TSOs are ready to launch the Nordic aFRR capacity market. This will improve security of supply in the Nordic region while at the same time contribute to significant socio-economic welfare gains across the Nordic borders. 

Svenska kraftnät, Energinet and Statnett will go-live with the common Nordic procurement of aFRR capacity on 7 December 2022. First delivery date is thus 8 December 2022. 

Fingrid is expected to join the market when the amended national terms and conditions have been approved by the Finnish regulator. The amended national terms and conditions for Finland is out for public consultation 4 – 18 November 2022. These terms and conditions would allow the procurement of Nordic aFRR capacity without reservation of cross-zonal transmission capacity, i.e., buying of aFRR capacity for downregulation and selling aFRR capacity for upregulation. 

The Nordic aFRR capacity market gate-opening-time is seven days before gate-closure-time meaning that aFRR capacity bids can be delivered to the Nordic platform from 30 November 2022. For market participants already being active in national aFRR capacity markets in Norway and Sweden bids will automatically be part of the common Nordic market.