The Nordic aFRR capacity market went live 7th of December 2022!

The Nordic TSOs successfully launched the Nordic aFRR capacity market according to plan, 7th of December.

"We are happy to conclude that the go-live went as planned. We have been planning for this for a long time, and it is very satisfying to see that things went according to plan. Great effort by all involved, TSOs and market participants and Nordic regulators!", says Nordic project lead Mette Hesjedal.

The Nordic aFRR CM will improve security of supply in the Nordic region, while at the same time contribute to significant socio-economic welfare gains across the Nordic borders. According to plan, Fingrid will join the market the 24th of December. According to the terms and conditions for the Finnish market, this will allow the procurement of Nordic aFRR capacity without reservation of cross-zonal transmission capacity, i.e., buying of aFRR capacity for downregulation and selling aFRR capacity for upregulation.

Lowina Lundström, convenor of the NBM steering committee, express her thankfulness to the program, "This is an important milestone for the Nordic TSOs, and we are very proud that we have managed to implement this market. A big thanks to the NBM program and the project that has made it possible to cross the finish line!"

The Nordic TSO will assess the market results when sufficient amount of data is available. The results will be presented for market participants/stakeholders via the NBM web and/or locally by each TSO.

For curiosity, the timeline below summarizes the establishment of aFRR in the Nordic, and the important steps reaching a common capacity market.

aFRR timeline