Target is set for mFRR capacity markets

Following the launch of the Nordic aFRR capacity market in December 2022, the NBM program has revised the plans for the implementation of the national mFRR capacity markets. The target is now clearly set for the timing and order of national markets as steps towards a common Nordic market.

As with the Nordic aFRR capacity market, onboarding to the mFRR capacity markets will be done stepwise. The plan is to start the national D-1 market for Denmark by the summer 2023, and then onboard Norway and Sweden after the summer. Finland already has a national market and will thus await onboarding to the common platform until the go-live of the common Nordic market.

The national D-1 markets are important tools for the TSOs to secure sufficient amounts of balancing reserves, enabling successful implementation of the new balancing model in the Nordic region. In the long term, a common Nordic market will allow for the exchange of mFRR balancing reserves across the borders in an efficient and transparent manner. A go-live date for the Nordic market will be evaluated as part of the ongoing roadmap reassessment work.

Further information on national markets will be published nationally as part of the detailed planning leading up to the respective national go-live dates.